Jennifer Bleau

Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re in need of short-term solutions to drive quick results, or highly detailed strategic plans for sustainable future growth, I can deliver and execute both. I have experience creating annual strategic marketing plans comprising database, public relations and advertising to support corporate initiatives and long-term strategy.

Alternatively, proven successes with short-term initiatives include product acquisition and utilization campaigns, and cross-sell initiatives that encouraged growth and consumer loyalty.


Leadership and Talent Development

More important than my success, is the success of those I lead. Through weekly coaching sessions, one-on-one meet-ups, regular department round-ups, and annual performance reviews, I spend time learning about each individual, so I can learn how to best communicate and lead each team member. I strive to instill a sense of purpose and exploration by allowing team members to take ownership of their ideas and projects.

This allows the team to grow, reach new levels of achievement, and cultivate our success. I am a strong communicator and an excellent relationship builder, which helps in the process of building trust with my teammates.


Brand Management

Managing your brand image in the marketplace, as well as internally, is critical to achieving measurable success. I can help your organization leverage your unique selling proposition and set you apart from your competitors through consistent use of established brand elements and values, and strategic messaging in all forms of promotion and advertisement.

Through cross-functional teamwork, I will be a brand advocate from which other employees, consumers, partners and other external parties can rely for brand buy-in.